Welcome to the site of Nooni Media. Where nothing ever happens... nothing happens at all...! Actually that's a bit harsh. Things do happen, just very slowly.

My name is Lewis. The namesake of Nooni Media is Abbey, the dog seen above. One of her various nicknames was Nooni. She was a very individual dog. And, being an "icon" of individuality for me, well, she became the site mascot - I'm nothing if not an individual when it comes to my creative endeavours.

Be forewarned. The content of this site may not be understandable on any level for some. What little content there is, anyway. Hopefully there'll be a lot more appearing in 2018... but I wouldn't hold my breath!

Also, though...

Last year I made two music clips quizzes on Sporcle. I figured I might as well put links to them here. They're quite difficult, 'cause the selections of songs are... P. eclectic at times. It's also easier if you make a free account on Sporcle to make use of the "Stopwatch" feature (so you're not restricted to 20 minutes, the maximum amount of time the countdown timer allows for quizzes).

The songs were all referenced in the stories I wrote in those years... So they're in the order in which things took place... in those stories... I don't know why I'm trying to explain this. Probably just take it on face value... and expect a couple of clips of Pokémon game music in there too.

Music of CQ4 Clip Quiz

Features a lot of 2012 pop.

Music of DOG: 2014

Features a lot of 2014 pop. Who would've THOUGHT!