Welcome to the site of Nooni Media. Where nothing ever happens... nothing happens at all...! Actually that's a bit harsh. Things do happen, just very slowly.

My name is Lewis. The namesake of Nooni Media is Abbey, the dog seen above. One of her various nicknames was Nooni. She was a very individual dog. And, being an "icon" of individuality for me, well, she became the site mascot - I'm nothing if not an individual when it comes to my creative endeavours.

Be forewarned. The content of this site may not be understandable on any level for some. What little content there is, anyway.

So... the site's in complete disarray at the moment (like it ever really isn't...) but soon enough it should be... functioning properly again....... in whatever capacity it does.

The current issue is that Flash is now end-of-life, but there is hope in an opensource project called "Ruffle" - though of course it'll take time for that to be a fully functioning replacement for the Flash content here. But better to have hope of a solution like that, 'cause I... really don't want to make video versions of the animations and have to host them somewhere else.

Here are some of the projects I've been doing... Pokémon Let's Plays...